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really quickly. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up through the fog. not a big delay. also we're looking at the nimitz freeway. it hasn't become really big just yet. let's go to steve. we have some of that fog there. there is a lot to go around. a lot of reports coming in. after it burns off it will be sunny, mild to warm. a lot of clouds over the weekend. rain next week. coming up on mornings on 2 a man was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriffs deputies. the latest info from police on the kidnapping and chase that led to that shooting. it could be hours before pg&e crews repair a down power pole in lafayette. we'll tell you more about the early morning chastity caused all the -- chase that caused all the damage.
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>> reporter: a kidnapped suspect, shot and killed by deputies in sonoma county. we'll tell you how the victim was able to save herself by texting. prom sit -- president obama sits down with leaders in a last-ditch effort to avoid massive cuts. the blame game leading up to the
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meeting. >> reporter: and a car crashes and there's a power outage. and struggling with dealing the loss of their friends. what's being done to honor two santa cruz police officers, plus new information about the suspect. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, march 1st. we're following developing news out the guerneville. just before midnight, sonoma county sheriff deputies shot and killed a man near the intersection of oddfellows park road and riverside drive. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the sheriff avenue station with more on the -- the sheriff's station with more on what started this.
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>> reporter: now that the sun is up, the crime scene technicians are beginning to process all of the evidence. the mobile crime unit just pulled up, around 5:30, this morning. the crime scene is rather large out. right now, we're here at sonoma county sheriff's office headquarters which is working in conjunction with santa rosa police on this investigation. here's what we know -- around 11:00 last night, a woman texted a friend, saying that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. that friend related the information to san rafael police who provided it to sonoma county dispatch. the woman was able to provide a description of the suspect's car and the direction they were following. the deputies spotted the car on west santa rosa on guerneville road and a high-speed chase began that lasted for a half- hour. cutes laid spike strips and he was able to get around them. and he drove through a gate of
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oddfellows, damaging several cabin properties along the ray. he ran into a ditch. that's where deputies shot and killed him. the sheriffs did help the female victim escape unhurt. deputies said it would be hours before any new updates will be available. we'll keep you posted and pass along any information that we get from you. live from santa rosa, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we have developing news from la fayette. downed power lines have shut down part of happy valley road since about 3:00 this morning. it all happened after a chase that ended in a crash. ktvu's claudine wong is back now to tell us how long repairs could take. claudine? >> reporter: well, it looks like from the best estimates we're getting from pg&e that it could be a good part of the day. let me give you a look at the scene here on the 4000 block of happy valley road. you can see the police car we're standing next to. that's where they stopped us
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from going closer because the power lines. you pan up the street, you can see the crews kind of standing by and then the struck that's in question here we're told it's that back truck that you see, it's got one of the -- turn of the turn signals is flashing on it. the pg&e crews said it sheared off the power pole at its base, knocking that power pole into the roadway. we talked to the pg&e crews who went out to get another power pole to put in place and they said they gotta ground some wires before this could get back open and that could take a good portion of the day. let me give you a look at video we shot earlier this morning. we're toll this started about 3:00 this morning. that came off 24 and then ended up here. we're told contra costa county is in charge of this investigation as they try to work through what happened. we are gating a couple of different conflicting reports about what led up to them pursuing the vehicle. we're trying to trace the
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information for you. you can't get through this roadway. one delivery driver says not much you can do about that. you can't go there. what are you gonna do? >> go home and go to bed. >> reporter: what did you think about this when you drove up? >> i've this trees down here. itp as every winter. when ensee you, i think, okay, it's something big. own -- it happens every winter. when i see you guys, i think, okay, it's something big. what are you gonna do? >> reporter: again, they were going to concord to get the new power pole to put in plate-- put into place. not a lot of people without power. only about ten. one woman said her power was out for about an hour.
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it's a pretty big line. if you take a look, you can see some of the larger ones. they said it's a pretty good wire and a pretty good repair job. it will be a while. maybe 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon before they can get everything back to normal. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:05. firefighters in southern california are making progress on a big brush fire that is threatening several homes. it started yesterday afternoon about 60 miles east of los angeles. overnight, fire crews gained ground on the 200-acre fire which is now 30% contained. a mobile home was destroyed and another home was damaged. nearly 2,000 customers were without power overnight. but the lights were turned back on just a few hours ago. right now, the white house -- at the white house, president obama is going to sit down with congressional leaders to try to avert the spending
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cuts set to take effect today. but democrats and republicans remain far apart on how to trim the federal deficit. coming up at 7:15, what's expected out of this morning's meeting. a new study shows the condition of california roads is getting worse. the reason foundation analyzed information from 1989 to 2008 and found that city and county roads are in major need of repair and berkeley was named one of the worst cases. last november measure m was passed. it provides $30 million to improve state roads. experts say that work if that work is not done quickly, the cost will go up for the repairs. starting today, many san francisco students can ride muni for free. more than 20,000 students have signed up for the program. they have to qualify for discounted or free lunches at their schools to be eligible. they are given a special clipper card to use.
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muni is testing the program for 16 months before deciding if they will make it permanent. want to check in with sal. see if it's friday night. how are -- friday light. how are things at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> it's moderate. the fog, though, is going to be an issue. i think you're gonna notice it in our pictures. this commute is very, very foggy. you will she traffic backed under for about a ten-minute delay. -- bagged for about a ten- minute delay -- backed up for about a ten-minute delay. we're looking at traffic times for you. the drive time from 238 to mowry avenue is about 20 minutes, which is about moderate. not all that bad. across the bay if you are driving from san bruno, that's about an eight-minute drive. let's go to steve. big story this morning is all of the fog. right above it. a couple of great pictures.
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david in the central richmond district, fog is gone, then two minutes later, fog is back. it does dance around here for a while. by 9:00 most of it should burn off. very warm air aloft. thick fog, sun, fog coming back in on the weekend. next week looks like two systems coming in from rain. the one on thursday -- it's been so dry here. january and february, san francisco, fifth driest since 1852. oakland, driest since 1948 and santa cruz driest since 1893, way back then. so we could definitely use some rain and snow. not today but we'll get that fog out of the way and then it will be sunny. noise to cool for some on the coast. 40s, very different pattern. very mild conditions.
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others are a little cool to cold. 30s up to the north but a lot of 40s. san jose really picking up the fog there. same for mountain view, sunnyvale. the high clouds are out of the picture. there will be a lot coming in tonight and tomorrow. today is the day to enjoy it. warm inland temperatures. 70s. mostly sunny. i say that because there could be a few high clouds. but it looks pretty good. nice to warm. in fact, temperatures today, 60s 70s. we'll have more coming up in about ten minutes. all right, steve. >> we're in the final seconds of a nasa launch to a private spacecraft. live pictures -- >> minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> talk about perfect timing. >> and lift-off! >> it's supposed to take more than a ton of space station
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supplies an quit. it includesicks per -- and equipment. it includes experiments by nasa ames. one will help scientists understand how planets grow, the other, biology. nasa is paying for this. it's the third time a dragon capsule has made the trip. so far it looks like a picture- perfect launch. >> yeah. >> we took it live. we'll continue to follow that for you and give you updates on the rest of "mornings on 2". a terrifying scene this morning in florida. a man is swallowed up by a sinkhole in his bedroom. but why rescuers are not trying to save him. whether you are playing sports, running around having fun, as long as you are moving, it looks good.
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a lot of fog out there. some of it is really thick some of that fog may make it a little bit on the cooler side near the beaches. a very scary, very tense scene near tampa, florida. a 36-year-old man may be dead. he was swallowed by a sinkhole. look at his house here. he was in the bedroom when the ground gave way. investigators say his brother tried to save him. there's been no contact with him. we don't know if he's alive or not. this happened last night. authorities say the hole is about a hundred feet wide, 50 feet deep and it's getting bigger. investigators say it's too dangerous to send in rescue crews. some homes have been evacuated. back here at home, the chp is investigating a crash in hayward that killed a
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pedestrian. it happened last night about 7:00 on hesperian boulevard near golf course road. police say the driver of an suv hit a pedestrian. the driver did stay at the scene and did cooperate with investigators. still no word on the name of the victim. happening right now, the top four congressional leaders are scheduled to meet with president obama at the white house. at midnight tonight, those automatic government budget cuts you've been hearing about will become law. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the white house meeting is really not expected to produce any results. kyla? >> reporter: president obama really just wants to find ways that they could maybe compromise on a plan to keep these cuts from having any drastic effects on the economy. mitch mcconnell and harry reid and house leaders john boehner and nancy pelosi are all arrived at the house over the past 20 minutes or so. but no action is expected today. that's because most members of congress already left town for
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the weekend. they are not in session today. that means president obama will have no choice but to sign an executive order before sequestration takes effect at midnight. democrats have been warning hundreds of thousands of people nationwide could lose their jobs because of the uncertainty. but republicans say the doom and gloom is unnecessary. many in the gop believe a long- term spending plan will keep the cuts from having drastic effects on the economy and their budget is due in three and a half weeks. the first furloughs aren't supposed to happen until next month. some house republicans who are still in town are talking about the media in about 15 minutes. they are worried about how the cuts could affect national security. more on that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. according to a new report,
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only about half of california's high school seniors applied for federal and state financial aid last year. the report by oakland-based education trust west found that about 54% of seniors in california completed the free application for federal student aid in the 2012/2013 financial aid year. the report says thousands of academically qualified, low- income students don't go to college because they are not given the information and encouragement needed to fill out a financial aid application. 7:17. family members and friends are mourning the death of a vallejo man stabbed to death yesterday afternoon. last night, candles were lit on el dorado street. that's where 27-year-old christopher armstrong was attacked by a man witnesses described as a homeless man. reportedly, he was an avid baseball player, a professional cook and a community college student who they say will be
7:20 am
missed. >> everybody loved him. everybody. >> just a free-spirited, funny, always -- i mean, he was the person i would go to to talk to. >> now, police made an arrest of a suspect a couple of blocks from the crime scene. they've identified him as 36- year-old james alexander. armstrong's friend said alexander showed up at his home to do some work. that's before violence erupted. vallejo police are talking about that noisy takeover of a city council meeting earlier this week. >> shut down! shut down! >> this video you are looking at posted on the vallejo independent bulletin shows protesters taking over the city. they were protest, the death of mario rowler row shot and killed by police last -- mario romero shot and killed by police last september. >> he was on probation for carrying a concealed, loaded,
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stolen firearm. he chose to get out of the car that night and confront our officers with a replica lightning. he was in possession of drugs and he didn't obey the commands of the officers. >> the vallejo city council left the chambers during that protest. police then moved the protesters out of city hall. it's 7:18. well, after several delays we're learning the date for the court marshal of the armny private charged in a major shooting. nidal hasan faces the death penalty or life without parole if convicted in the attack on the texas army post. the judge has not yet ruled on defense requests to move the trial away from fort hood for to select jurors from another military branch instead of the army. facebook is looking for a place to build some homes in menlo park. the social network hoped to
7:22 am
build 15 houses on hamilton avenue near the main campus but a development company outbid facebook for the property there. facebook needs to build housing on menlo park or pay the city $4.5 million. that was one of the conditions to get city approval. facebook is buying on-line advertising tools called atlas. atlas helps marketer connect. in the next hour, the ncaa will announce the findings of its investigation into the st. mary's basketball program. the ncaa has been investigating the school's recruitment of players from australia. there's no word if any violations have been found.
7:23 am
st. mary's has won 21 games in season and is hoping for another bid to the ncaa tournament. a familiar face in the sports world helped michelle obama to get physical. >> whether you are playing sports, running around, having a good time, as long as you are moving, that's good. >> yeah, that's collin capper neck -- collin keep -- doll lynn keep -- collin keeper knack. colin kaepernack.
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check this out -- big mess yesterday on interstate 80 in reno. that's not blood. that's ketchup. a truck filled with thousands of bottles of heinz ketchup crashed. the driver swerved to avoid a car and ended up crashing into the median. luckily, nobody was hurt but traffic was jammed for more than an hour. they had to bring in snowplows to clear all of the glass from the road. mcdonald's is shrinking its menu, at least for now. the world's largest fast-food chain will stop offering chicken selects and the apple walnut salad. the company spokesperson says it may discontinue the angus third pounder. there are reports they are eliminating some of the less popular items to introduce new items for the spring and summer. >> what am i gonna do?
7:27 am
>> find something else to eat. >> figure something out. sal, you've figured out the south bay, haven't you? >> we're looking at northbound 280. it looks pretty good as you drive through the santa clara valley. slowing as you approach highway 17. also this morning, the traffic is moving along okay in livermore. just outside of tracy on 205, there's a crash that's causing big delays on mountainhouse parkway. 23 minutes as you drive through. if you are driving to contra costa, it's lighter. and on 80 between vallejo and richmond, it's not a bad drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup of 10 to 15 minutes but a thick fog at the pay gates. let's go to steve. great pictures coming in and information. some areas are clear. others are really socked in. thanks for the pictures.
7:28 am
remember, make sure that car is not moving when you take those pictures, i appreciate it. but yes, hanna, sunnyvale, swears she's not driving. from sapp santa rosa to napa down to -- from napa to santa rosa to napa, fog burning off. some of the hills in marin valley, temperatures are already in the 50s. you get up about 1200 feet. high clouds will clear the area and move out of the picture. fog in the morning and then sunny to mostly sunny. could be a few high clouds late. it's really cold water temperatures which is helping the fog going. you get in the low 70s when water temperatures are in the 40s. that doesn't -- that doesn't stop anything. look at those tropical clouds. they will sneak in here. we'll have a cooldown on saturday. today, 50s, 60s to mid-70s. the weekend will see a change. it will be okay. but there will be a lot more
7:29 am
cloud cover, low and high. a little cooler sunday. monday looks okay. but increasing clouds. looks like rain tuesday night. more pain at the pump for california drivers. our gasoline taxes will soon be the highest in the country. we'll tell you when the new increase takes effect. we're live in santa cruz where police officers are expected to be back on the streets any minute now after having two days off -- for grieving the loss of two officers. we'll tell you about the memorial planned -- coming up. >> reporter: we're live in the sunset district where some businesses and residences have seen an increase in drug activity near the n judah line.
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7:30. we continue our coverage into the deadly shootings of two santa cruz police detectives. a public memorial takes place next week. ktvu's janine de la vega is in santa cruz where police officers have just returned to work for the first time since losing two of their own. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're here standing in front of the public entrance of the santa cruz police department. but we just came from the back entrance. that's where we saw several cars pull into that police entrance. we're assuming those are
7:33 am
officers. but it's no doubt expected to be a difficult day for them at work. it's day three, people are still leaving cards and flowers. that will be good for the officers to see that the community is behind them. now, this is video that we took in the last 30 minutes of santa cruz sheriffs what pulled up sherr had is pulling up to the -- sheriffs pulling up to the department. they are mourning the loss of detective elizabeth baker and -- i'm sorry, detective elizabeth baker and sergeant loran butch butler who were shot and killed on thursday. they were interviewing jeremy goulet about a sexual assault case and detectives say the officers were talking to him at his door for ten minutes when he funned them down without warn -- gunned them down without warning. that led to a shootout. he had a passport and a plane ticket to mexico on him.
7:34 am
these traumatic events are weighing heavily on the officers. the chief says they needed time away from work. >> it's given us an opportunity to reflect what happened and us an opportunity to make sure they are okay. we've been provides grief counseling to my officers. and that was very important to me as the chief of police to ensure the mental health and mental well being of my staff. >> reporter: the mercury news is reporting that goulet was charged with raping two female officers while he served in the military in hawaii. a court marshal was dropped in exchange for an other than honer discharge. he had been convicted of a peeping incident in san diego, portland and berkeley. and a memorial has been scheduled for baker and butler next thursday at 11::00 at the kaiser arena on -- 11:00 at the
7:35 am
kaiser arena. thousands of people are expected. coming up next on "mornings on 2," we're hoping to see if we can see the officer the back at -- officers back at work. we will be very respectful because it is their first day back on patrol. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. support from the santa cruz police department is coming in from missouri. a man in missouri established a facebook page. it contains photos and messages of sympathy. we just checked moment -- moments ago. push system. we've also set up a special -- special section at as well as our 0 un-- as well as our own facebook page.
7:36 am
police say alcohol may have been involved in this, a rollover crash in san marrone. it happened around 1:00 a.m. near accosta boulevard. the car went off the road, smashed into a tree and then flipped over. the driver was tangen to the hospital with -- taken to the hospital with minor injuries. alameda county sheriff deputies are trying to identify a skull found along the alameda creek trail in union city. several teenagers found it on wednesday near novato road. investigators say the skull had beening in the creek for about a year. it is 7:34. san mateo county sheriff deputies are asking for the public's help in identifying the remains of a man they think died three years ago. a hiker discovered the eremains ten days ago near a creek in the redwoods open space
7:37 am
preserve. he was 50, 60. he was wearing pants with a 34- inch waist. he had size 12 nike sneakers on. anyone with information is asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. the woman behind the chilly finger hoang is heading back -- is -- hoax is heading back to court. she is the woman who claimed she had a finger in her chili. reyes and his mother both told police two men had run up and shot. police say he accidentally shot himself and that he's not allowed to have a gun because of a prior conviction. 7:35. police in san francisco say they are noticing a big increase in drug dealing at a muni stop in the outer sunset
7:38 am
district. brian flores is out there now to tell us why neighbors are so upset and what the police are doing about this. >> reporter: well, according to the san francisco chronicle, officers at the nearby terraville police station have done at least nine stings to address the issue of drug dealing. some of them at their public restroom at the n judah line. but the problem keeps going on. some of the problem areas include the public restrooms here at the end of the n judah line as well as the convenience store that operates 24 hours a day. police say they have resources that target the area but criminals tend to keep on coming back. >> i haven't noticed any but i've always heard things. it's a big city. we're gonna hear those things. we're next to the park and we get a lot of iffy people. i haven't heard of anything gone on around here. >> i haven't seen any drug
7:39 am
dealing going on myself. but i'm not surprised it's going on. people don't necessarily live here but they frequent visit here. so it's easy to do. >> reporter: some businesses say it's just not enough. some say there was talk of a satellite station here or maybe adding a beat cop here but some say those ideas never materialize. coming back out here live, police say they are focused with dealing with the problem and will continue to do so in the months ahead. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:37. a 20-year-old woman is fighting for her life after being hit by a muni light rail train in san francisco. the accident happened yesterday afternoon at 19th near san francisco state. the victim was rushed to san francisco general. the driver of the drive train has been placed on nondriving status which is standard policy for the transportation agency. meanwhile, muni is also investigating how a door on a
7:40 am
different train was knocked off yesterday afternoon. muni said the driver had trouble closing the door at the forest hill station. once the door was finally shot. once it got to the tunnel by the church street place, the door became to bang loudly and became off. if you drive a car in california, you will soon be paying more taxes on gasoline. yesterday the board of equalization approved a 3.5 cent increase on the state excise tax for gasoline. the board says state law required them. transportation officials say the money will be used to take care of roads and highways. but they say that tax hike is frustrating. >> you see the economy is finally starting to move and then they start to increase the taxes. >> it's pretty brutal. i mean, considering that i travel about 20 miles each way
7:41 am
to and from work. >> right now californians pay about 67 cents a gallon. but beginning in july, that rate goes up to 70.6 cents. that even tops new york for the the highest in the country. >> it is 7:38. let's check in with sal see what's happening on the roads. i know there's some fog out there. the fog is preventing us sees -- prepare venting us from seeing -- preparing us from seeing some areas. we have slow traffic. i think we're being helped out by a crash. i don't like putting it that way. but there's a crash at mountainhouse parkway and not a lot of people are getting through. so the livermore valley commute is a little bit better because people are not getting through. let's move along and take a look at the traffic time. 19 minutes. this is highway 4 in bay point. you will see some slow traffic in this area as you drive
7:42 am
through there. no major problems as you get over to the hill. it's a little bit lighter than usual in antioch. bay bridge toll plaza, again, the fog is thick at the toll plaza, we can barely see a few feet here. westbound backed under for about a ten-minute wait. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. thick nothing, sunny for -- thick fog, sunny, filed. mild, warm, maybe mid-70s for some far enough away. sun and clouds on the weekend. a lot of high clouds are taking aim. they will be a little bit more -- there will be a little might forecoastal fog. maybe another system on thursday. let's hope so because we need it. again that very warm area is squashing owl of that fog.
7:43 am
i think -- all of that fog. 200 feet or lower. very, very shallow fog bank. high pressure, though, continues to kind of hold its ground. it's been working out a little bit. it will give us a warm week. it will give us a warm day. but because of the fog and a lot of the moisture air. there is more of a component of an onshore. the fog formed on the coast. 40s and 50s or 30s. santa rosa, 38. almost 50 for some. 49 hayward. mountain view says 50. i think mountain view, sunnyvale. tropical clouds right there. they are saying, i think i will visit california late tonight into tomorrow. highs today, if you are by the coast, 50s, 60s. it will be warmer as you move inland. this is a little bit of a summertime pattern with the warmest temperatures from away the coast. tonight, tomorrow, increasing high clouds. it will be cooler on sunday. monday looks good. we cloud it up on tuesday. it looks like rain starts in
7:44 am
the north tuesday night. we've just gotten important news about tax refunds and whether they will be delayed because of the looming cuts. now that the pope is retired, the vatican turns its focus to selecting its next leader. the breakdown of the process -- next. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver
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stocks are mixed right now. the dow is still trying to close in on the record of the closing high which was 14,164. that was back in october of 2007. you can see a live look at the big board, the dow is up
7:47 am
currently 5. the nasdaq is down 5. s&p is basically flat. here's a bright spot in the doom and gloom of the government's automatic spending cuts that should be happening after today. they should not delay tax refunds. any furloughs at the irs will be delayed until summer after the tax filing summer season ends. that's according to steven miller who just sent employees a memo saying he wants to minimize the impact on taxpayers and irs work. the irs boasts most taxpayers get refunds within 21 days if they file electronically. the airline the dreamliner is getting an all vote of confidence. they believe they are getting closer to solving the problems with those batteries on the 787. once that is done, it's up to
7:48 am
the airlines to restore pers' confidence in the -- passengers' confidence in the jet. this is one of the holiest seasons in the church. right now, there's no hope in residence apts the vatican. the pope is now pontiff emeritus. he will spend the next two months south of rome. now the new hope is chosen by the college of cardinals. starting today, the cardinals will receive a formal invitation to attend a series of meetings next week. now, they are gonna get to know each other and discuss the challenges the church faces now and in the future. at some point, these meetings will set the date too begin the secret conclave in the sistine capel. conclave comes from two latin
7:49 am
words translating to with and key. it means the cardinals will lock themselves behind closed doors until they elect a new pope. it's important to note that with the conclave the cardinals that are in this conclave some are actually voters and candidates. the goal is to reach a two- thirds majority on one cardinal. what they are gonna do is they are going to cast ballots. they are -- they will burn their ballots. when the time comes -- we're not sure how long this will take -- but when catholics see black smoke that means no pope has been elected. then at some point in time, they will see white smoke and that means that the pope has been elected. now, the shortest conclave, by the way, lasted a couple of hours. the longest, though, three years. many catholics want to see a new hope in place by holy week, now just a few days away, march
7:50 am
24th, palm sunday, easter sunday is march 31st. same-sex supporters here in the bay area are applauding the move by the white house asking the u.s. supreme court to overturn california's proposition 8. the obama administration filed a friend of the court brief. the brief says california's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage is based on impermissible prejudice and it says prop 8 violents the constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law. the supreme court will hear oral arguments on. issue on march 26th with a ruling expected in june. clint eastwood is also asking this to be overturned. he's one of 30 republicans to sign a brief arguing against the law. earlier this week, 278 companies including hp and google urge the court to strike down the federal defense of
7:51 am
marriage act. santa clara county will hold a gun buyback tomorrow. it will be between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the county fairgrounds on tully road. organizers will pay between $100, $200 per weapon. they will have about $150,000 to spend. ktvu received an exclusive look at what happens to the weapons collected during gun buyback programs. our crew followed a load of guns previously collected in san mateo county. the weapons were taken to a secret location and that's where they were melted down. in this case, the molten metal will be used to create water pipes. they were sent through a database to make sure they were not connected to any crimes. oakland city hall is getting a lot of complaints about illegal dumping on streets. any street that does not have good lighting could end up
7:52 am
looking like a dump with furniture and clothes piled high. the city says the problem is not new but it's growing in sight. >> it's all over oakland, especially west oakland. the waste management company says oakland is considering setting up a pilot program like the one launched in hayward last month. it spreads the responsibility for cleanup across several agencies. today, richmond is hoping to make its city a little greener. nonprofit groups and northern california nurseries have teamed up to give away 1,000 trees to people at the farmers market. thousands of seed packets will be handed hout. the event -- hand the out. handed out. a foster city company isen 0 the verge of asking regulators to approve what it calls a cure for hepatitis --
7:53 am
hepatitis c. this comes after a city bought a small biotech company working on an experimental treatment for the liver cancer but now giliad is being criticized for not working with bristol-myers squibb. if they work together, they say, a cure could be on the market sooner. warren buff fest will release his annual letter to shareholders. shareholders look forward to hearing from the so-called omaha of oracle. that letter is filled with a lot of advice. stockholders will be looking for signs that he has plans to step down from bircher hathaway. sacramento player kevin johnson is confident that seattle will not steal away the kings. >> let me be perfectly crystal
7:54 am
clear -- it's not going to be this team. not our team. [ cheers ] >> johnson says an investment group led by the founder of 24- hour fitness will submit an offer today to buy the kings basketball team. sacramento is working on a deal to build a new downtown arena. 7:51. all right. new developments in the reported rain on the uc santa cruz campus. why the woman who made the claim may be the one in trouble with the law. get whatever yo, baby.
7:55 am
7:56 am
hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. police say the woman who made up a story about being raped on the uc santa cruz campus may face charges. she claims she was attacked along a campus trail last month. however investigators now say she admitted to making the
7:57 am
whole story up. the woman is not a student at the school. campus police say they've sent the case to county prosecutors could decide if she will be charged. mexican authorities say drug smugglers used a truck to shoot a cannon to smuggle drugs. there was a similar incident at the border with arizona. authorities found canny sters scattered across the field after a cannon launched them around the border. >> it's all over the internet. it's called the harlem shake. and now it has the attention of the faa. that's on a plane. this video shot by members of the colorado college frisbee team during a flight to san francisco. the organizer said they asked everyone on board about doing
7:58 am
this video. nobody objected. airline officials say all of the safety measures were followed but the faa says, tori, a plane is not a dance hall. >> i would be nervous. i wonder about the by with the banana -- >> yeah. hopefully not too much shaking and rockin' and rolling. >> i was in college once. >> we know, sal. [laughter] let's take a look -- some good times were had pie all. let's take a look at -- by all. the traffic is moving along relatively well. very foggy as you drive past the coliseum and foggy into downtown oakland. bay bridge toll plaza has always been oakland or has been foggy this morning from about -- i don't know. about 5:00 it started to get this way. it's pretty thick, about a 20- minute delay. looking at the nimitz freeway, southbound, livermore traffic has been steady and slow. i think a lot of people are
7:59 am
held up from a previous cash. let's go to steve. sal, i still can't get over the fact that the frisbee team from colorado travels to san diego. we have fog out there. temperatures either cold -- either cool, cold to mild. a lot of this fog came in this morning. there was a little bit. but boy did it thicken up on cue. the higher clouds are clearing out. there will be some more of thick, morning fog. it will be sunny away from the coast. 49 outside the golden gate. right outside of monterey. it tonight take -- it doesn't take much heat inland. i use that term loosely. 40s on some of these to 50 degrees and the fog is with us and that higher cloud deck starting to inch close to us. so fog, then sun. nice to warm, 70s low to mid inland r 60s, 70s close to the bay. a lot of low clouds saturday.
8:00 am
monday looks mostly sunny. we really need the rain. >> yeah. >> 7:57. san francisco city college making a move trying to keep its accreditation of the report approved by the board and new plans to stay open. lucky charms?!
8:01 am
♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious
8:02 am
♪ the one and only, cheerios welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we have developing news out of guerneville. sonoma county sheriff's deputies shot and killed a kidnapping suspect. it all started with a high- speed chase in santa rosa. it ended near the intersection of odd fellows park road and riverside drive. tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30 this morning. you are at the sheriff's station to tell us how a text message triggered that fatal shooting. >> crime scene technicians are out at the scene, right now process egg the evidence. they should be out there for several hours this morning because the crime scene is spread out over a fairly large area as we understand.
8:03 am
we're here at the sonoma county sheriff deputies headquarters where they are working in conjunction with santa rosa police on this investigation. here's what we know. last night, around 11:00 a.m., deputies say a woman texted a friend saying she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. that friend relayed the information to san rafael police who provided it to sonoma county dispatch. the woman was able to provide a description of the suspect's car and the direction they were traveling. deputies spotted the car on guerneville road and a high- speed chase began that lasted for more than a half-hour. deputies laid spike strips. the suspect was able to get around him. he led authorities through sebastopol, forestville and drove through a gate off odd fellows, damagen several cabin properties along the way. he ended up in a ditch. that's when deputies shot him. the female victim escaped
8:04 am
unhurt. deputies say it would be hours before any new updates would be available. we've left messages with the santa rosa police department but have not heard back. we'll bring you the latest information as it becomes available to us. live from santa rosa, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. one minute after 8:00. it could be powers before pg&e crews replace a damaged power pole in la fayette. it was damaged on happy valley road hours ago. claudine wong is on the scene where you can give us an upclose look at the crash. >> reporter: the chief of police has allowed us to come closer.
8:05 am
fake a look at -- take a look at the black truck. we're told by the chief that that is a stolen truck. that's the vehicle that the suspect was driving when he came roaring up happy valley road. just lost control and it ended up crashing into that power pole causing this huge mess out here. pg&e says it's still a very dangerous situation for folks out here so they are not letting anyone come out here. not to mention the hours of work they have ahead of them. we just talked to a woman who lives right next to where this happened. she was home when this happened. heard the boom. looked out her window and saw the suspect trying to escape from police by going into her yard. fortunately, she didn't come outside, but she did watch as he got arrested. >> the guy was being apprehended. >> reporter: did he look like he was hurt? >> no, he did not. >> reporter: was he struggling at all? >> no. when i saw him -- what happened, i get out of the truck -- he got out of the truck, ran up and the policeman
8:06 am
was right here when he tried to get away. >> reporter: back out here live, the 4000 block of happy valley road. not very big or heavily traveled. but the only way in and out of here. about ten people we're told still without power. they are still gonna haveto grind the wires and bring another power pole in. we were told a couple of hours ago it would be around 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. from what we're told, nobody was hurt. deputies not hurt who were following him. the suspect has been released from the hospital and booked into the county jail. we did get a picture that we'll show you coming up on "mornings on 2" that shows the police car and where that was when this all happened. we'll have that for you in less than an hour. live in la fayette, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. the las vegas district
8:07 am
attorney now considering seeking the death penalty against the suspect in last week's deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. 26-year-old ammar harris was arrested yesterday in los angeles after a week-long manhunt. detectives tracked harris to this apartment in studio city. they say he surrendered peacefully. they say he shot kenneth cherry junior last week. the car slammed into a cab, killing cherry, the taxi driver and a tourist inside the cab. harris is due to appear in court on monday. a serial rain -- rapist has died in prison in southern california. victor lamar davis was serving several lifens sentences. he was convicted of -- lifence? life sentences. he was convicted of many rapes. they are awaiting the results
8:08 am
of the autopsy to know the exact cause of his death. public meetings will be held this month to april dress san francisco's new overnight parking law -- address san francisco's new overnight parking law. between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. will be illegal. city supervisors say the law is designed to get people into temporary housing. it will also stop people from storing their vehicles on city streets. the law will not be enforced in the beginning of may. opponents of the law say there -- there isary not enough temporary housing available for everyone who needs it. the san francisco city college board of trustees has approved a report explaining what the school is doing to meet accreditation standards and remain open. the 250-page report outlines all of the changes city college
8:09 am
has made since it received the warning back in july that its accreditation was at risk. some students have protested the steps taken by city college which have included closing campuses and laying off employees. the report has to be submitted to the acreditting commission by march 15th. a plan to block california's high-speed rail system from traveling along the peninsula lost another court battle. this means the rail authority plans to send the trains along the current right-of-way, between san francisco and san jose. atherton, palo alto and menlo park filed lawsuit claiming environment harm. however, a sacramento superior court judge threw out their case ruling the rail authority is not violating environment laws. the cost of riding b.a.r.t. will go up at the end of the year. fares will up to 5.2% starting in january.
8:10 am
that's 25 cents more for a ticket between downtown san francisco and hayward. and b.a.r.t. millions that were -- parking lots that were free will start to charge. they will stay for free for now. we want to check in with sal. the toll plaza is a little foggy there. >> it is foggy. it's been that way since earlier this morning about 5:30 or so. got really thick there. which is unusual. we're not that far away in oakland here. you can -- you can barely see the toll plaza. it's about a 10, 15-minute delay. it's been pretty slow. now, some of the other pictures are not quite as bad with the fog. the sunol grade is about 15, 20 miles away here. it looks great. crystal clear. traffic is moving along nicely to the south bay. we're talking about the hayward community, southbound 880, 238 to mowry avenue. 26 minutes not all that bad. getting into san jose, some slow traffic here as you
8:11 am
approach 280 getting up to trimle road and for the most part we've had a pretty quiet commute for the most part. let's go to steve. >> sal, i'm in the fog. >> you are? >> a lot of reports of toking here. very, very shallow right down on the ground. is -- it's parked itself right on top of it, really warm air aloft, great twitter pictures. this one from karr. this is at embarcadero and brandon. i know they get some fog but usually not that thick this part of the year. kind of hit and miss around. it should start to burn off around 9:00. thick fog, sun and clouds. fog and cooler. rain returns, it looks like next tuesday night or wednesday. let's hope so. we need it because january and
8:12 am
february, we're just way too dry. 1.82 total for san francisco. that's the fifth driest ever going back to 1851, 1852. oakland the driest since 1948 and santa cruz, they are 1.22 total for the two months. driest since 1892 -- 1893. au he -- although there's been some in crescent city. it's a very, very thick fog pat aern. the coast will have to -- pattern. the coast will have to deal with some fog. inland temperatures starting off mild and warm. already in the 40s to 50 for some. sfo is 49. half moon bay is already 50. clouds lifting but some tropical clouds moving into the picture late tonight into saturday. forecast today if you are away from the coast -- by the coast it won't be bad. but if you are away from the coast, it will be sunny and warm. fog increases along with a lot
8:13 am
of high clouds. sunday looks cooler. we'll get more of a westerly breeze. some thick fog, sun. if you are already have the sun enjoy it. 60s to 70s. pittsburgh, antioch in there. castro valley, 68. berkeley 66. 74 gilroy. same for santa cruz. santa clara, menlo park mountain view, palo alto. brisbane 6 a -- 65. just a little bit more of a westerly breeze. a lot of high and mid-level clouds and low clouds into the weekend. monday starts off all right but then we cloud it up on tuesday. firefighters in southern california battling a big brush fire threatening several homes. they are making progress against it. it's a 200-acre fire started yesterday afternoon at rancho uuropa park. it's about 60 miles east of los angeles. during the night, fire crews gained ground on it. today it's about 30% contained.
8:14 am
a mobile home was destroyed. another house was damaged. almost 2,000 customers had no power during the night. but the lights were turned back on just a couple of hours ago. 8:11. a high-level meeting at the white house this morning. the last-ditch effort by president obama and congressional leaders to avert across-the-board spending cuts.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
sunny and war inland. 60s, -- and warm inland. a new study shows duff all the way from africa is affecting the snow here in california of during winner of 2011, researchers from ulc san diego traced clouds in sierra and they found the days with move duff par kells in clouds -- duff par kells men move snow on the ground.
8:18 am
-- while the refs are not a hut -- levels are not a -- another storm is expected in the sierra next week. the obama administration will give nonlethal aid directly to the syrian opposition. john kerry announced a 60 million aid package for the rebels. it happened during a meeting of the friends of syria in rome. the aid will include food and medical supplies. the aid will it -- the aid will go to medicals of the syrian army after they are carefully checked to make sure they are not connected to extremist groups. roll -- president obama is meeting with the top members of the white house. house republicans just gave a warning to those at the
8:19 am
meeting. >> reporter: they did, dave. but also two minutes ago, right before we started talking right now, representative, john boehner, came out of the meeting at the white house and spoke for a couple of minutes. we'll hopefully listen to that sound later on. as you mentioned, the house armed services committee did talk about cuts and says those who protect our country will be the first to feel the pain of sequestration. they want to put a stop to these automatic cuts. >> we're telling the president obama and john boehner when you walk out of that meeting this morning, don't plan on cutting one more cent. >> reporter: these house republics propose cutting the spending but instead of furloughing, they propose aing the department of employees -- they propose that the department of employees do attrition instead of furlough.
8:20 am
veterans benefits, social security and food stamps will not be toughed. the $85 billion in cuts are not happening yoit's yoo. they will be spread out over the next six months and they could be reversed. march 27 is the next time they have to come up with a new budget. back to you. in may, the national labor relations board will hear a complaint filed by two nurses unions claiming unfair labor practices in vallejo. the unions accuse sutter health and sutter is solano medical center of increase egg the out of pocket healthcare -- increasing the out of pocket healthcare of nurses. sutter health said they did nothing wrong and is confident the government will uphold the
8:21 am
actions. part of the civic core provides offers new job training to those who have dropped out. and there are paid public projects. police are investigating two separate insist den -- shootings. police found a wounded teenager on congress avenue late last night around 8:00. the ville was shot take -- the victim was shaken to the hospital -- taken to the hospital. a 1-year-old was shot while driving on fremont boulevard. he was shot in the leg and is expected to recover. the school's principal says he was not the intended target. so far, no word of any arrests in either case. a molt of silence will be
8:22 am
-- a moment of silence will be observed at the arts festival. it's in medicalry of the teenager killed at the last event -- memory of the teenager killed in the last event. since then organizers have made safety changeses. first friday will official -- changes. first friday will end be a hour earlier than before and art galleries no longer before. 8:20. the new plan to protect the earth from deadly asteroid. the alarming number of space rox that have potential to -- rocks that have the potential to wipe out civilization. just look out the window. that's our sky. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ just hours ago, a picture- perfect launch of the unmanned space dragon. in fact, ktvu was showing it to you live when it was happening. they have fresh fruit and two experiments developed by researchers at nasa ames on
8:26 am
that there. scientists are working on an experiment to save the earth from deadly asteroid. on monday, an indian rocket was launched to locate near earth asteroid. at the same time, they will see if hitting the space rock will deflect it. we need to find them, predict their orbits and look at how we could deflect one. >> scientists say they've already found 10,000 avoids with the potential to wipe out earth's civilization and unfortunately, they say there are about 1 million more that have not yet been located. >> wow. all right, tori. we have found sal and you are watching 280 and everything
8:27 am
else out there. >> that's right. we're watching and we're gonna start with 280. northbound 280 traffic is doing pretty well. we talked about 280. 101, a little bit of slow traffic. the south bay looks pretty good. on the peninsula we've had a couple of slow spots. been 101, not that bad from 38 to 92. across the bay we have a little bit of slow traffic. drive time of 22 minutes. out to the bay bridge taupe, we go. it's still foggy. at 8:25. let's go to steve. >> kind of an interesting fog pattern. parts of the coast are clear, sunny, there's thick fog. sutro tower. great pictures coming in. chloe up in clearlake sent a great picture of fog. we'll try to show that about
8:28 am
8:37. the warm air aloft, a sign that high pressure has built in. it will be a sunny and warm day away from the coast, good indication of what's going on with the fog. very low water temperatures are allowing the fog. 40 to near 50 already. it's really kind of a muggy pattern for some. higher clouds inching closer to us. they will be here late tonight into saturday. 60s and 70s. mid os be a then mid-70s for some inland -- mid-60s and then mid-70s for some. cloudy on tuesday. it sure looks like rain next week. a family in florida still holding out hope. what happened moments before a man was swallowed by a sinkhole and why the rescue crews out there are waiting. what's making them wait. >> reporter: we're live in santa cruz where we just
8:29 am
watched police officers come back on the job and go to patrol the streets of santa cruz. the community showed up. we'll have the emotional reaction coming up. >> reporter: we're live in the sunset district where residents an businesses have noticed an increase in drug dealing. what's being done to stop it as "mornings on 2" continues.
8:30 am
8:31 am
we're keeping an eye near tampa, florida. what you are looking at, a 36- year-old man may or may not still be alive. he was swallowed up by a sinkhole. we just found out that rescue
8:32 am
crews have used ultrasensetive equipment. they've found him. so far no sign of life. was in his bedroom when the ground just gave. investigators say his brother tried to save him but it was too late. >> heard a loud crash like a car coming through the house, and i heard my brother screaming. i ran back there and tried going inside his room. no contact with the man since this happened during the night. authorities say that hole span 150 feet wide, 50 feet deep and getting bigger. investigators say it's too dangerous to send in crews. back here at home, police officers in santa cruz are now back on the job. they went back to work just about 45 minutes ago. ktvu's janine de la vega is there at the police station to tell us how the officers, how
8:33 am
the community are dealing with the tragedy that happened out there. janine? >> reporter: dave, it was pretty emotional. we were all standing at the back gate when the first patrol cars roll out, and the first officer gave us a absolute when he was driving by. as you can see, the community is showing their support here. the last two days officers had those days off and they've -- they've been receiving so much flowers and candles and cards of can dole lenses. s -- condolences. here's -- here they are. they came from a briefing. nine patrol vehicles took to the streets and passed by a group of santa cruz county sheriff deputies who lined up in front as a show of support. some officers working inside the station hugged those cutes and start -- deputies and start to thank them. they were taking over patrols
8:34 am
for them while the officers took time to mourn. community members also showed up to support the officers. >> it's all about the officers to support them and let them know that we love them our hearts are just with them this morning. >> reporter: elizabeth butler and sergeant butch baker were gunned down on tuesday when they were interviewing a suspect jeremy goulet about a sexual assault case. authorities say they were killed at the doorstep of goulet's home and didn't have a chance to call for help. police sabella stole their guns -- say jeb stole their guns and opened -- gentlemen stole their guns and jeremy goulet. a memorial will be held for the officers next thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the kaiser arena. thousands of people are expected as well as community
8:35 am
members because the public is welcomed. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have a special section on the santa cruz police shooting at as well as an our facebook page. it is 8:2. the -- 8:32. the chp is investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian on his pearian boulevard near golf course road -- hesperian boulevard near golf course road. police say the driver hit a pedestrian. that driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating. in overnight news, the highway patrol says alcohol likely played a role in a rollover crash in san mo ron. it happened on 680 near accosta boulevard just before 1:00 a.m. investigators say the driver went off the roadway into a tree and flipped his car. ept was taken to the -- he was taken to the hospital with
8:36 am
minor injuries. candles marked the spot where 27-year-old christopheral strong was attacked yesterday afternoon on el dorado street. a friend says arm strong showed up at his house to do work. alexander is described as a homeless man who recently showed up in the neighborhood. >> it was a little weird to us. kind of made us feel sorry for him. >> the suspect allegedly stabbed armstrong three times in the chest. he gave the scene. the suspect has a criminal history including drug charges. 8:34. new information just within the past hour. st. mary's college has opinion placed on four years probation by the ncaa. st. mary's is accused of failing to monitor the man's basketball program. the ncaa says st. mary's head
8:37 am
coach randy bennett acted unethically in recruiting foreign players in particular from australia. now, bennett will be suspended for five games next season. the school will be allowed to play in the conference in ncaa tournaments but they've been stripped of two schoolerships. again, we'll have more on this story. the information just coming in and bring it to you as it's available. police in san francisco seeing a big rise in drug dealing at a muni stop in the outer symmetric. brian flores joining us -- sunset district. nine flores is joining us with more. >> reporter: -- brian flores is joining us with more. >> reporter: officers have conducted at least nine stings to address a problem of drug dealing here, especially here at the end of the n judah line. but the problem just comes and goes according to some of those residents and business owners who say they want a more
8:38 am
permanent solution. some problem areas include a convenience store. police say they have row sources that target the area but criminals just tend to keep coming back. >> i haven't noticed any but i have always heard things. it's a pigsty. we're obviously gonna here those things. we are next to the park. we get a lot of iffy people. but i personally haven't heard of anything going on around here. >> i haven't seen any drug dealing myself. but i'm not a tall surprise that it goes on because people don't necessary live here but they visit here. it's easy for them to do. >> reporter: residents do say that the issue of drug dealing has gotten better but they notice it sometimes. police plan on other operations in the future. some businesses say it's not enough. some say there's talk of a satellite station or adding a beat cop here permanently. but they say those ideas never materialize. back out here live, police will be focused on the dealing with
8:39 am
the issue of drug dealing in the months to come. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. a new study claims berkeley has a lot of bad roads. the new study anliesed information from -- analyzed information and they found that the roads need major repairs and berkeley needs even more. last november, measure miami was pass to fix state roads. experts say if the work is not done quickly, the lost will go higher. thousands of students can start to ride muni without having to pay. this the start of a 16-month test for the free muni for youth program. more than 20,000 students have already signed up. to be eligible, students have to qualify for discount or free school lunches and they have to use a special clipper card. the end of this test period, muni will evaluate this if school attendance has gotten
8:40 am
better and will decide if any security issues connected with the program need to be checked out. we want to check in with again with sal. still pretty foggy. >> it is foggy. we have a large delay at the bay bridge which is uncharacteristic. about 15, 20-minute delay. taking a look at 880. it's plealy fogged in -- it's completely fogged in. let's move to the mas. southbound 880 from 238 to mowry avenue about a 22-minute wait there. let's go to steve. a lot of very thick fog. it's trying to lift a little bit or burn off. some parts of the coast are already clear. high clouds won't be a factor until tomorrow. a lot of moisture in the air. kind of higher humidity. that's why we started off most of the lows much warmer.
8:41 am
storm track stays in the together until next -- to the north until next week. 50s, 60s to some mid-70s. this looks like a very warm week. next week is looking much better. 8:38. we have breaking news just within the past couple of minutes. we received word from the white house -- we're looking live at the white house in the white house briefing room. president obama will be making a statement at the white house. he's been meeting this morning with some of the top congressional leaders. you see all of the reporters who were standing by waiting for the president walk into the briefing room. you see the president just walked in. let's listen. >> good morning, everybody. as you know, i just met with the leaders of both parties to discuss a bay forward in light of the -- a way forward in light of the severe budget cuts that start to take effect today. i have told them these cuts
8:42 am
will hurt our economy, they will cost us jobs and to set it right, both sides need to be willing to compromise. the good news, the american people are strong and they are resill out. they fought hard to recover from the worst economic crisis since the great depression and we will get through this as well. even when -- even with these cuts in place. folks will work hard to make sure that we keep the recovery going. but washington sure isn't making it easy. at a time when our businesses have finally begun to get traction, hiring new workers bringing jobs back to work. we shouldn't be making a series of dumb, arbitrator -- arbitrary cuts. its unnecessary at a time when too many americans are still
8:43 am
looking for work, it's inexcusable. what's important to understand is not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts right away. the pain will be real beginning this week. many middle-class families will have their lives disrupted in significant ways. businesses that work with the military like the virginia ship builder that i visited on tuesday may have to lay folks off. communities near military bases will take a serious low. hundreds of thousands of -- blow. hundreds of thousands of americans who serve their country. border patrol agents, civilian agents, the pentagon, all will suffer significant pay cuts and furloughs. all of this will cause a ripple effect through the economy.
8:44 am
layoffs and pay cuts means that people have less money in their pockets and that means that they have less money to spend at local businesses. that means lower profits. that means fewer highers. the longer these cuts remain in place. the greater the damage to our economy. a slow grind that will intensify with each passing bay. we could see growth cut by over 1 half of 1%. so evy time that we get a piece of economic news over the next month, next two months, next six months, as long as a sequester is in place, we'll know that economic economic news could have been better if congress had not failed to act. let's be clear. knob of this is necessary -- none of this is necessary. it's happening because of -- because they refused to close a
8:45 am
single beastful loophole to help reduce the -- wasteful loophole to help reduce the economy. i do believe that we can and must replace these cuts with a more balanced approach. smart spending cuts, entitlement reform, tax reform that make the tax code more fair for families and businesses without raising tax rates. also that we can responsibly lower the deficit without laying off workers or forcing parents to scramble for child care or slashing financial aid for college students. i don't think that's too much to ask. i don't think that's partisan. it's the kind of approach i've approached for two years. it's what i ran on last year. the majority of the american people agree with me in this
8:46 am
approach including a majority of republicans. we just need republicans in congress to catch up with their own party and their country on this. if they did so, we could make a lot of progress. i do know there are republicans in congress who privately, at least, say they would rather close tax loopholes than let these cuts go through. i know there are democrats who would rather do smart intitlement reform than let these cuts go through. there is a caucus of common sense up on capitol hill, it's a silent group right now. we want to make sure their voices start to get heard. in the coming days and weeks, i'm gonna keep on reaching out to them. both individually and as -- as groups of senators or members of the house and say to them, let's fix this. not just for a month or so but for years to up can. because the greatest nation on earth does not conduct its
8:47 am
business in month-to-month increments or by careening from crisis to crisis. america has a lot more work to do. in the meantime, we can't let political gridlock and sta in the a -- stand in the way of making progress. i was pleased to see the white house passed the violence against women act yesterday. that's a big win for not just women but for families and for the american people. it's a law that will take lives and help more -- save lives and help more live free from fear. i was glad to see that done. it's an example of how we can still get some important bipartisan legislation through this congress even though there's still these fiscal arguments taking place. i think there are other areas where we can make progress even with the sequester. i will continue to push for these initiatives and push for high-quality preschools for every family that wants it.
8:48 am
i'm gonna push to raise the minimum wage so it's one that families can live on. i'm gonna push on for immigration reform and reform our voting system and improvements on our transportation sector. and i'm gonna keep pushing for sensible gun reforms because i still think they deserve a vote. >> this is the agenda the american people voted for. these are america's priorities. they are too important to go unaddressed. i'll gonna keep pushing to make sure we see -- we see them through. with that i'm gonna take questions. >> how much responsibly do you feel you bear for these cuts taking effect? and is the only way for them to be offset is -- >> we've been listening live to the white house and president obama talking about the beginning of sequestration cuts. among many other things -- european heard him say.
8:49 am
i said there's a -- you've heard him say there's a need to compromise. he says the main will be severe. there will be a ripple effect throughout the american economy. onic this thing he did say, we should not be -- one thing he did say, we should not be making dumb and arbitrary cuts. he will try to reach out to those in congress to try to make this something that does not last long. the president ecsooing live from the white house. we'll have more tee tails from what he says and it comes out of this news conference. it's interesting to watch stocks. stocks have turned lower after the report showed a rise in in -- increase in manufacturing. despite that, stocks are lower. the stock market has surged even in the face of the $85 million cuts that start to take effect today. right now the stocks are lower.
8:50 am
u.s. consumer increasing spending modestly. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 23. the nasdaq is down 7. s&p is down 2. 8:47. there's now just four weeks until good friday, a critical time for the catholic church but today the vatican does not have a pope. pam cook is in the studio with more on the process and what's happening today. >> it's one of the most important seasons in the church. so catholics around the world are hoping for a new pope by the po ginning of holy week -- beginning of holy week. pope benedict xvi is now pontiff emerry tus -- ememeritus -- emeritus. what's next? chooses the new pope. starting -- choosing the new
8:51 am
pope, the cardinal will receive formal invitations at the vatican. there they will get to know each other and discuss the challenges the church faces now and in the future. at some point, in these meetings they are gonna set the date to begin the secret conclave in the sistine chapel. the word conclave translates to with and key. what it means basically the cards will meet with each other and lock themselves behind closed doors until they elect a new pope. important to note within this conclave, there are cardinals who are actually voters and candidates. the goal is to reach a two- thirds majority on one cardinal. after meeting the series of meetings they will cast ballots and those ballots will be cast -- they will also burn any and all of those pal lots. while this is -- ballots. while this is taking place. catholics will see black smoke.
8:52 am
what this means is no pope has been elected. when they begin to see white smoke, that means a pope has been elected. by the way, the shortest conclave lasted a couple of hours. the longest, though, three years. now, the follower archbishop of the san francisco archdiocese william levada will be one of the cardinals selecting the new pope. 8:49. we were just listening live to president obama at the white house. you know he met with congressional leaders of the white house trying to find a solution to the massive budget cuts that are tu to kick in today. both the president and john boehner made comment the after the meeting. -- comment the after the meeting -- comments after the meeting. president obama will continue to replace what he called dumb, arbitrary spending cuts and other measures to achieve deficit reduction.
8:53 am
back here at hole, pg&e crews are busy trying to replace a power pole on happy valley road. police say it was knocked over by a driver in a stolen car earlier this morning. coming up, cut's claudine wong has been out there all morning to bring us a live update from that scene. sonoma county sheriff deputies shot and killed a man in guerneville. they say he was a suspect in a late-night kidnapping. ktvu's tara morety -- tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30 and has more. >> reporter: it was a cell phone text that likely saved the life of the victim in this case. she was kidnapped and was unable to talk. but she silently texted a friend. now, the sheriff avenue deputy is handling -- sheriff's deputy is handling this investigation. deputies say around 11:00, a woman texted her friend saying she had been kidnapped and
8:54 am
sexually assaulted. that friend relayed the information to san rafael miss who provided it to sonoma county dispatch. the woman was able to provide a description. the deputies spotted the car on guerneville road and then a high speed chase began. that lasted for more than a half-hour. deputies did lay spike strips but the suspect was able to get around el. this he led authorities through sees -- around them. he led authorities through sebastopol and ended up on riverside drive, damaging several cabin properties along the way. he wound up in a ditch and that's where we're told deputies shot and killed hill. deputies did help the female victim escape unhurt. deputies say it will be several hours before any new information will be available. right now, santa rosa police are handling all matters with the media. we will be sure to give you an update coming up at noon.
8:55 am
-- we'll have more coming up. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.
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8:57 am
we're still following developing news in la fayette in the east bay. a towned power pole blocking part of happy valley road of the it was knocked down hours ago by a driver in a stolen car -- road. it was focked down hours ago -- it was knocked down hours ago by a driver in a stolen car. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: if you take a look in front of me, a lot of work
8:58 am
still to be done as that power pole remains blocking the street. they are trying to get people around. they said this will take hours to fix. we did talk to residents out here. a lot of them heard it. >> my wife heard it. we were asleep. it was like 3:00 in the morning. she heard a bang and then all of a sudden we came out here and there was a cop -- one of the cop cars was underneath the phone wires. so the -- they let the siren go on forever, they couldn't go back in there. you can hear that siren still going in this video that we shot earlier this morning. this all came out of a car chase, la fayette police saw this truck on highway 24. this truck got off of the roadway at oak hill road and came up here to happy valley road and that's when the driver lost control and crashed into the power pole. actually ran into the neighbor's card trying to get away. the police officer was able to get him and arrest him. he was taken to the hospital. he's been booked into the
8:59 am
county jail. we have new information about the suspect. i did get off the phone with the sheriff's opportunity. they tell me he's a 38-year-old man out of san francisco. he's facing several charges. among them, auto arrest, resisting arrest, evading police. back to you. >> thank you. we want to check in with sal for an update on the toll plaza. some fog there, right? >> yes, and fog here at the toll plaza, also fog at the airports in the bay area if you aric taking a flight or waiting for someone, you should check with your carrier. thatter are significant fog delays at sfo, mineta and possibly at oakland although oakland has not come up with information yet. slow traffic on the nimitz south. it's slow. also looking at the commute and then sunny san jose, that will probably help the mineta airport recover after they've had some fog. let's go

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